About Me

My name is Bryan Dunn. I'm a programmer by trade, a builder by hobby, and an adventurer when the mood strikes. I work in Spokane, Washington for NextIT Corporation, but this blog, its content, and the opinions expressed therein are entirely my own. I'm new to blogging, so who knows what I'll end up jabbering on about, but I suspect it'll cover my adventures in woodworking and/or the trials and tribulations I encounter while working with the more unloved tools of the development world (see MSBuild).

If you're really looking for me, you can find me on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Currently, I am one of the senior developers and the technical product manager for NextIT's core Interactive Virtual Assistant platform, known as Alme. Before my current stint at NextIT, I worked as a senior software engineer for GenPrime, Inc., helping refine their Drugs of Abuse Testing product for broader usage and marketability. During my first tour of duty with NextIT, I ran the gamut of positions, starting as a Quality Assurance Tester for a now-end-of-life'd security product, followed by testing their internal IDE for Natural Language Modeling, before earning a spot on the development staff for the IDE.