People I'm Following

  • Scott Hanselman
    • I've followed Scott's blog for years. Not only does he cover a broad spectrum of topics and Microsoft (or Microsoft-related) technologies, but he also rolls out his sometimes-annual, always-amazing "Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List". I may or may not obsess over The List when it comes out, playing with the vast majority of the newcomers to see what I'd actually use.
  • Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi
    • Even though his posts on this particular blog are pretty spread out, his depth and breadth of knowledge with MSBuild keeps drawing me back in. As someone who's spent a LOT of time refining build scripts, to find such interesting pointers as he's provided is a real treat, even if it's just to geek out over!
OSS Projects I Reach For
  • MSBuild Community Tasks
    • Big surprise here, seeing how I keep bringing up MSBuild! One of these days, I'd like to actually contribute to the project, but have yet to find the time or a good contribution to make...
  • NUnit
    • My constant go-to for unit testing. I've heard good things about XUnit as well, but haven't yet dabbled to compare.
  • Moq
    • I haven't found a better companion to NUnit and have made Moq do some pretty gnarly things and it just keeps mocking away!